All Souls

First you’re in the boathouse,
then you’re in the boat
I’m the little sister,
kept it all afloat

Combing out the silver in your hair
Ageing like the leather in your chair

But you gave away our valley,
gave away the hill
You gave away our memories
but I’m your darling still

Surely I deserve a better claim
Didn’t I preserve the family name

But we’re All Souls against each other
Sister Against sister and brother against brother and why
Another place to call our own
Yeah we’re all saints in the in the final hours
Coming around with your tears and your flowers, why
For the place that I call home

Well I never had the heartache,
I never knew the thrill
Never known by any man
cause I’m your darling still

All our conversation turned to prayer
Wearing out the carpet on your stair

Cutting back the roses
coaxing back the wrens
Turning back proposals
cause I’m yours until the end

It doesn’t seem the best decision now
No one asked me yet to take my bow

And we’re All Souls..