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Turn Your Face To The Sun, I Draw Slow (Compass, US)

I Draw Slow – Turn Your Face to the Sun: impressive roots, delivered with gusto and flair

Almost quietly over the past three albums, Dublin roots band I Draw Slow have created their own identity, their own sound. It is not just Louise Holden’s expressive voice, nor the bustling enthusiasm of the five-piece band, but is most evident in how they approach the broad roots genre, spurning cliche and playing with structure.

The result on their fourth album can sometimes be a little clunky as in Tell the Girls, even if a ringing chorus redeems that song. Holden and guitarist brother Dave write all the material except Twin Sisters, a dark traditional ballad. Their inspiration stems from within and without: from the early middle-aged angst of Don’t Wake the Children to the world gone mad of Apocalypso.

Indeed, that sense of love bobbing about in an unstable universe informs many of the 11 tracks which are delivered, as ever, with gusto and flair.

Joe Breen