I DRAW SLOW : WHITE WAVE CHAPEL (Pinecastle Records)

I Draw Slow do lot of things well. Apart from their music which we will get onto, they present themselves exceptionally well. Their videos position them as one of the more creative bands around. Maybe it comes naturally and easy to them. Maybe they have to work hard at it, I don’t know. As a listener you don’t have to work too hard at appreciating them. Pity they were not around 20 years ago. They may have started a revolution and spared us from several decades of lost opportunity when it came to American music and its many styles. They borrow heavily from old-time and appalachian music which shares a lot of the social and community aspects of our own traditional.

Their music is story telling communicated in song, layered with context and emotion. They take you places in your mind with their rhythms and choruses washing over you to the point where you don’t even need the words. Like a great Van Morrison song you may never get what it’s actually about. When the music, melody and atmosphere are strong enough to draw you in slowly that’s all you need. Its connections to Irish traditional are tenuous, but when it’s this good, and Irish, we have to celebrate it. It has a timeless quality that will mean it will show up on my Saturday night playlists for some time to come. Excellent and highly recommended.

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