Now You’re Gone

I can’t imagine
The blue of your tunic
The gold on your shoulders
Your voice, how you used it

No I can’t imagine
The sound and fury
How you picked the battle
The judge and the jury

No I just can’t find you
In dates and locations
The names and the numbers
Give no indication

Of you in my garden
Your arms filled with flower3
Your eyes full of sunlight
In our final hours

Now you’re gone I see you in starlight
My heart can’t imagine what shadows you cast
Now you’re gone I hear you in the music
My heart can’t imagine your silence at last
Travel on my darling your troubles have passed

I just can’t hear it
The last post and chorus
The pipes or the bugles
The flowers of the forest

No I just can’t count em
The gains or the losses
The scarlet carnations
Those gardens of crosses

Now you’re gone…..